Don Grothoff

Parent Motivational Speaker

About Don

Over 24 years ago, Don’s passion for parenting was created with the birth his first child. He decided right then and there that he was going to do parenting differentlyWell the universe must have listened because it challenged him and his wife in so many exhausting ways.

Those challenges taught him so much about how to be effective parents. He found experts, tools, and guidance that he has extracted the best from and developed strategies to help other parents be their best.

Don uses these skills he has learned and gained over those 24 years to travel around speaking to parents, doing workshops and coaching families.

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What To Expect 

  • Timely: presentation fit to your time frame
  • Effective: Information and guidance that fulfills the expectations of the audience

  • Entertaining: Interactive talks filled with fun and enthusiasm
  • Professional: Don comes to the stage with experience and skills to match the needs of our audiences

Most Requested Topics

Behavior is a Foreign Language

Your child’s behavior is the way they interact with the world. We often like to label it as “good” or “bad” and we want to control it the best we can. This is method makes for frustrated parents and even more frustrated kids.

It’s time to reframe our focus from controlling behavior to learning from it! Much like learning a foreign language, interpreting behavior makes for a much more satisfying experience as you uncover your relationship with your child.


Let’s decrease your anxiety (and your child’s!) by mastering this language of behavior. Receive tools and uncover knowledge that you can implement immediately to enhance your relationship with your child. Experience the joy of connection! You will leave with more confidence as you let your child’s behavior talk to you.

Parenting with a Box, Plate or Bowl

As parents we approach our children with our past experiences and unique personalities, but how many of us have analyzed our parenting philosophy?

We have our parental expectations for our kids: They are born, go to school, go to college, make money, get married and so on.


Let’s take a look at the way we parent and why we parent the way we do. We all want what is best for our kids, but being a good parent takes practice! Learn to be open to change and adjust course as needed to maintain a healthy balance in your family. You will find that you enjoy reconnecting to your family as you open up and live intentionally!

OCD Leave Us Alone

When we discovered our first daughter had OCD, her issues wouldn’t allow her to touch just about everything because she thought that everything was dirty (not in a typical dirty as in muddy or dusty but contaminated). So, for instance, she could not touch the car door, meaning we couldn’t get her in the car to go to therapy. The following years, there were so many triggers occurring without warning, that it made normal, everyday events incredibly difficult.

After many years of struggling to get by, we simply wanted OCD to leave us alone.

We had to learn how to adapt to having children with OCD, and it was not easy! I’m here because I want to leave you with hope. It is possible to get tools to manage your child’s OCD and create a thriving relationship with your child. You may have to readjust and regroup, but take a deep breath, give yourself a break and plan your next steps.


Shut Up and Make a Difference!

From one parent to another, I have a secret for you: I am not the perfect dad. I have made my share of mistakes. Looking back, I realize how much I have learned from those mistakes and I started to ponder the power of silence. Many of us find silence uncomfortable, but silence is a huge asset in parenting and in the workplace!

That’s right, it’s time to apply parenting principles to the workplace. Children are people, after all! Settle in for stories, tools and tips that I have learned as a parent that make for motivated people in all areas of life! Learn to interrupt the flow of your own thoughts during conversations and REALLY hear what people are communicating. You will find your workplace culture improving and your decision-making more effective if you shut up and listen!

Our Podcast


Interviews, Stories and Information about the hidden world of OCD and Anxiety.


“I thought you gave a great presentation and answered questions well.  It is obvious that you have a deep well of knowledge and passion about your work and it shows in the presentation. 

I have explored how I communicate and interact with my own family ever since. 

Thanks, Don & Gina, for coming to our club and for all the help.”

Luke Maybry – Rotary Club – Matthews, NC

“Don (with Focused Healthy Family) spoke to our Holistic Health Network group, sponsored by the Holistic Nurses of Charlotte and also to the National American Holistic Nurses meeting this year.

They were warm, personable, and shared personal family experiences that led them to realize the importance of self-care for themselves and their family. They were enthusiastic, energetic and passionate about what they do and explained how they had changed professions to do this current work.”

Carol Shea, RN

Belle Radenbaugh, RN President, Holistic Health Network